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Removing barriers of the cross-border transit between Lazuri and Zajta

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Background & Policy context

A good road infrastructure is a precondition of developed area and in this case is even more important taking into account the transnational character of the area. At the moment there is no direct road connection between Lazuri and Zajta and despite the short distance, about 6.5 km, people living near the border are forced to travel a longer distance for reaching one settlement or the other. Improved cross-border infrastructure is a fundamental pre-condition for sustainable cross-border cooperation in the target area. Better infrastructure and accessibility is seen as the most viable approach for the common challenges identified by the partners.

On the Romanian side the road starts from the infield area of Lazuri towards the Romanian - Hungarian frontier, where it connects to the Hungarian section of the road between Zajta and the border. The target groups of the project are represented by the local population of Lazuri and Zajta, the total population established in the settlements of the Lazuri commune numbered 5.903 persons, on the Hungarian side 434 people. The general objective of the project is improving transport infrastructure in order to facilitate accessibility of the target area and better movement of people and goods across the border Target groups: The most important direct beneficiaries of the planned investment are the inhabitants of the two settlements: the population of Zajta, numbering 434 persons (F/239, M/198)according to data from 31 Dec. 2010, and the population of Lazuri, numbering 5362 (4299 Hungarians, 789 Romanians, 253 Roma population, 13 Germans, 8 Other; 2950 F/2412 M) people according to data from 31 March 2010, all in all 5796 persons.

Besides the local population the project addressed as direct beneficiaries the following entities: local SMEs of Zajta and Lazuri 51, local service providers from the target area 5, the local governments of Zajta and Lazuri. 


The main specific activities of the project are:

  1. Technical planning and authorization: preparation and verification of architectural and technical design documentation; obtaining the necessary permits; technical assistance and site inspection; 
  2. Cross-border road construction between Lazuri and Zajta.


Parent Programmes
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2007 - 2013 Hungary - Romania (HU-RO)


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