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Requirement of connecting joint systems for asphalt pavements - Part 1: State of the art of the experiences in the practice (VSS2009/703)

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In this project the connecting joint systems used in practice are systematically inventoried:

  • Inventory of the existing connecting joint systems and their performance in situ
  • Inventory of the existing apparent damage
  • Collecting and evaluating the damage mechanisms and the decisive parameters
  • Collecting and evaluating the materials and system tests
  • Ranking of the connecting joint systems

From the ranking, those connecting joint systems are selected with the largest potential regarding in situ performance and durability and recommended follow up research project part 2.

The results of the project will be a basis for the production of the Swiss Standard SN 670 288 "Requirements of building materials in connecting joint systems”


Following steps will be done during the project:

  • Development of implication of information and literature reviews
  • Creating a questionnaire; poll
  • Create a checklist; Property inspections / health scans
  • Evaluating the results of the surveys and the property inspections
  • Assess the damage and dissipation of damage mechanisms and their decisive parameters
  • Selection and defining the test methods
  • Ranking and proposal of the most promising systems for follow-up projects
  • Interim Financial Reporting at EK 4:07
  • Submit proposals for the decision on the application of the subsequent research projects
  • Part 2 (VSS 2007/402) and Part 3 (VSS 2007/403)
  • Part 2 application (VSS 2007/402) and Part 3 (VSS 2007/403)
  • Reporting and publishing


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