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Research and an assessment of slope instabilities in the lines of main intended traffic corridors

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The objective of the project is to secure an impact shrinkage of the natural risks (landslides– slides, the rock avalanches) on important planned overground roads and railroad corridors projected on sites of extreme risks with these phenomena. The project objective is also to contribute to increased lifespan of traffic infrastructure and to restrrict the damages on environment induced by degradation originated by landslide processes. The project has to evaluate the threat extent of projected linear construction to begin with, possible technological and financial costliness of investment sanctions and to increase the safety operational planning for protection improvement related to future natural disasters. Together with the increase of safety conveyance, the increase of safety and lifespan of traffic infrastructure plays the important role, as well as a limit of damages on properties. Thanks to information about potential risks at given stages the optimal routes of traffic corridors as well as relevant remmediation can be planned according to threat stage and its relevant section. It is related to process synchronisation with reconstruction of pained communication and an improvement of operational planning. We plan a comprehensive evaluation of all accessible data in cooperation with field examination of the older slope deformations and new slope instabilities mapping including the geotechnical evaluation of the environment and proposal for the new methology and research of slope instabilities along traffic corridors.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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