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Research and development focused on monitoring and mangement of lorry movement on lower class road network in the Czech Republic

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During this project the following activities were undertaken: research, proposal, development and physical pilot operation testing of the integrated system for monitoring and management of heavy goods vehicles movement on lower class roads in the Czech Republic. The system is aiming at utilisation of existing and new technologies and telecommunication tools, in order to optimise and enforce HGV movement on the roads. By this system to create an effective toll for road authorities to deploy their no entry strategies.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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  • - Functional sample of system IDENTIFIKATOR - the result of the project has been achieved by development and installation of functional sample consisting of hardware and software components on selected 2nd and 3rd class roads in the Ústí nad Labem region. Integration of HW and SW components has been necessary for ensuring complex system performance with main aim identification of Heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and their movement on lower class roads as well as provision of information to the driver about their movement on bended roads. This functional sample is built on integration of previous project results (outcomes) and existing HW components (e.g. video detection cameras with IR, automated traffic detectors, fixed and variable traffic signs etc.). The functional sample than represents complex system named “IDENTIFIKATOR”, which is being used for unique identification of HGV, its number plate, which could be used for enforcement / information purposes.
  • - Functional sample for unwanted vehicles detection - functional sample allows detection of unwanted vehicle type (heavy truck unwanted on a particular type of communication) and can be used independently for monitoring purposes or in conjunction with monitoring systems to inform drivers or traffic management or as a basis for police intervention.
  • - Traffic sensor location - TRAffic SEnsor LOcation program re-enumerates and generates missing values in given traffic network topology. In such a topology the node represents cross-road and the edge is road segment with or without installed traffic sensor (e.g. for traffic flow) on it. The program also gives some hints where to put sensor if not all missing values is able to enumerate.
  • - Pilot plant verification of image data processing - pilot image data processing of vehicles are used for verification of routine traffic flow processing. Vehicles are detected by inductive sensors and scanned by cameras. By this method licence plate, shape of the vehicle and in addition headlights functionality and weight of the vehicle (by using another sensor) can be detected.
  • - Software for vehicles image evaluation - software for vehicles image evaluation is SW tool for vehicle identification by using its licence plate and its shape. The goal of the software is to provide explicit identification of vehicles for detection of particular vehicle passage through the exact point on a road.
  • - Software for vehicle type evaluation - software is aimed at processing of signals from the inductive detectors and piezoelectric sensors in the presence of a vehicle and is able to detect the vehicle of given class and he weight due implementing of unique algorithms.


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