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Research and Development of Piston Internal Combustion Engine for Combustion of Compressed Natural Gas

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The project was focused on research and development (RaD) of alternative, environmentally and energy friendly compressed natural gas (CNG) engines with lower emissions and better performance and consumption. The project has had a strong RaD base, which brought together a small company oriented in development and construction of prototypes, a big engineering company with the potential to apply the results of the project as a technological added value to their products, and one of the leading academic institutes in the field of internal combustion engines.


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  • Combustion Engine 1,4 FSI CNG - the prototype of the combustion engine based on production 1.4 FSI engine that is fully adapted to operate purely on CNG.
  • Locomotive 714.8 CNG Fuel System - it is a mono fuel system for traction Caterpillar locomotive engines, where fuel is compressed natural gas (CNG). The fuel system is designed for effective power up to 1200 kW. The engine is able to operate in stationary and dynamic mode. The fuel system can be adapted to most commercially used traction and stationary engines. The ability to fully electronic controlls significantly shifts the economical and ecological operating parametres.
  • Air Intake Cooling Unit RJM 600 - the cooling unit is used for regulating the temperature of the intake air entering the engine. The device is designed for low speed CNG engines with an output power up to 600 kW. Precise setting the temperature of the intake air is necessary for the engine development.
  • Measuring Exhaust Manifold I6 - it is a welded experimental exhaust manifold for turbo gasoline engine. The shape and dimensions are optimised for measuring the temperature, richness of the fuel mixture in the cylinders and the pressures before and after the turbocharger.
  • Engine Controll System CMV 714 - the engine controll system ECU CMV 714 is the software for real time measurement, controll and diagnostic of the combustion engines. It is primary intended for the engine controll management of heavy duty traction engines. The controll commands are sent from the controll station (cab) to CMV controll system via the CAN interface (driven by wire) according to standard J1939. The engine management system then sets the operating mode of the engine. The CMV 714 was primarily designed for engines with electrical generator. An important part of CMV 714 is the engine online diagnostic. This means that the controll system continuously measures all of the key values and, if it is necessary for engine protection, then it reduces an output power. All the necessary information about engine is sent on-line to the controll station (cab).


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