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Research and development of technologies for radiolocation mapping and navigation systems

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The project deals with the research and development (RaD) of a radiolocation mapping and navigation system and with the extension of knowing-how in this field in the Czech Republic. The system consists of a radiolocation unit based on SAR (Synthetic Airborne Radar) technology, an inertial navigation unit, and of a control module. The integration of mentioned units brings a unique system fulfilling functions of a continual navigation and the evaluation of landscape image even under adverse weather conditions.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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  • - Autonomous System for Attitude Measurement (utilty model) - autonomous System for Attitude Measurement using a fiber optic gyro with a sensitive axis along the vertical + the rest of the sensors are MEMS based as it is typical for cost-effective navigation systems.
  • - Navigation unit of mapping radio-locator with use of tactical-grade technology - the navigation system uses tactical-grade gyroscopes ADIS16137 and a unique framework solution of accelerometres protected under IPR no. 304237 and 23268 registered at Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic. The system utilises multi-axial framework configuration of accelerometres ADXL337 and ADXL203 in order to increase accuracy of position and attitude evaluation. The system is aided by GPS receiver and magnetometer whose data are fused with the inertial ones via Kalman filtering. The system provides at its output data about position, velocity, attitude, turn-rate, and balance indication.
  • - SD logger of data from CAN and RS232 bus - realised SD logger system allows to store data at the same time from up to 3 connected systems. The core of the SD logger is microprocessor STM32F405RG and communication interfaces are two serial links and one CAN. Data are stored to SD card with maximal size 32 GB with FAT file system. The SD card is connected to microprocessor through interface SDIO. For each communication interface, the separate files are created after the power on is switched on. Data are stored in hexadecimal code, for converting to decimal formats (float32, int32, uint32, int16, uint16, int8, uint8) the realized SW application in C# can be utilized. The .csv and .mat files are supported.
  • Inertial Measurement Unit of a Navigation System (patent) - inertial measurement unit of a navigation system generally consists of 3 axial frame of accelerometres and 3 axial frame of gyroscopes. In this case the frame of accelerometers is modified to include four 3 axial accelerometers placed the way to have two blocks; each one containing two of them. The composition of both blocks is the same. The block includes two 3 axial accelerometers placed the way that along each axis of the main unit coordinate frame there are two sensitive axes from the accelerometres pointed in opposite directions. This modification enables differential signal conditioning via differential amplifiers and thus increases sensitivity of acceleration measurement performed within the modified accelerometer frame. 
  • VHF Part of the Synthetic Aperture Radar - a Synthetic Aperture Radar is a radiolocation mapping system which consists of a radiolocation unit and a controll module. The system brings a unique functions of a continual mapping capability of the landscape even under adverse weather conditions.


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