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Research and development of weight-optimised components for rail vehicles

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The project has come about through the rough construction of a hybrid car body developed within the project TIP, FR-TI3/449. Its aim consists of using the mentioned car body for the research and development of other vehicle components, which are important for subway vehicles, using the latest knowledge in the field and meeting the current technical level.

The project consists of the following components:

- research and development of sliding plug door system, which meets the standard DIN EN 14 752. The door system will use the received knowledge from the drive and new materials of door wings with optimal weight.

- research and development of ventilation system for a passenger saloon, including the overall concept, ventilation ducts and the air outlet into the passenger space. At the same time the substitution of one component of the second in the case of failure will be dealt.

- research and development of structural components, especially non-spring materials of chassis made of composite materials.

These are components whose development is more time-consuming and will be used in the development of new subway vehicles for customers. The project is designed in cooperation with four institutions and companies, which are active in the field of research, development, design and construction of rail vehicles and their components. The cooperation of some of the named participants was tested on the previous project TIP, FR-TI3/449 and proved to be useful, relevant and beneficial to all participants.


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