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Research bundle intermodal traffic influencing: Coordination (SVI2008/001)

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Background & Policy context

The coordinating position allows aligning research activities of the research bundle as to timing and content. The coordinator provides the results of the individual research projects to the various commissions as well as to the research stations in a timely manner.


The research bundle "intermodal traffic influencing" is a comprehensive traffic planning process that covers all means of transportation and provides the required fundamentals and norms. The research bundle includes 17 research projects and is divided into the focal points of basic research and applied research with focus on traffic engineering. The research bundle with its individual projects is part of the general SVI research projects of 2007 – 2012 and, respectively, the multi-year program 2008 – 2011 of ASTRA for the projects under the leadership of the VSS.

The financial need of the bundle is around CHF 2.1 million of which CHF 2 million is allocated to the actual research and approximately CHF 100,000 to the coordination of the research content including the completion of the synthesis report.

The goal of the assignment is to assure the coordination regarding content and timing of the individual research projects. The coordinator makes sure, among other, that the projects are published for bid in a timely manner and completes the control of the bidding process as to content. In addition, the coordinator arranges for the necessary information exchange between the various research stations.

  • The timing and content of coordination of various projects in different interest groups
  • Definition of the boundary conditions and calculation of individual research projects, taking into account the overarching interests of research
  • Supervising the accompanying tender commission research projects and evaluation of bids
  • Assurances that the flow of information between different research projects provide the results and findings of individual projects
  • Reporting on the progress of the research project, intermodal operations management at regular intervals


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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1) Comprehensive traffic planning process covers all means of transportation
2) Provision  of the required fundamentals and norms
3) Coordination and timing of the individual research projects
4) Projects are published in a timely manner and completed the control of the bidding process
5) Arrangement of necessary information exchange between the various research stations


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