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Research package AGB1: Safetyof roads and its civil engineering structures: project management phase 1 (AGB2004/007)

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Background & Policy context

The projects formulates the overall concept to specify the detailed projects in the topic of safety on roads. The management part of the overall concept includes the project organization, the action plan on timing, costs and the project controlling. The goal is a results-oriented project management with an effective project management through the project and the escort team. The development of the overall concept is carried out in close contact with accompanying Commission BK C.


The aim of this project is the formulation of the overall concept as a basis for the proposal of the Research Commission to the Swiss Federal Roads Authority.


The overall concept is developed in the following sub-steps:
1. Collection, sorting, treatment of foundations, internet research and conducting interviews at the decisive points; installation and preliminary analysis of the results;
2. Analysis of the prepared foundations, defining the parent research objectives, clean up the target catalogue and structuring of the research package;
3. Definition of sub-projects and creation of the project orders;
4. Creation of the concept report (draft for consultation in the FOKO until 16.12.2004);
5. Completing the final concept report due to the outcomes of the FOKO (January 2005).


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Public (national/regional/local)


The following results will be obtained:

  • detailed definition of the research objectives,
  • outline of the project,
  • required specifications of the overall project and the subprojects,
  • organisation of the project and proceedings,
  • budget and research proposal phase 2.


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