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Research package PLANET: RS-1: Impacts on asphalt plants (VSS2010/541)

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Background & Policy context

The production of warm mix asphalt (WMA) has an important impact on the asphalt plants configuration, calibration, production rates, etc. In order to consider these various aspects, this specific research is dedicated to the effect of the production of warm mix asphalt on plants.


 In order to consider various aspects of the warm mix asphalt production, this specific research is dedicated to the effect of the production of warm mix asphalt on plants. This concerns the necessary modifications as well as the impacts on the production rate of the plant. In this research, a specific analysis of the emissions related to the production of WMA is also expected. This will be achieved in particular through a measurement campaign for different types of asphalt mixtures. In addition, a cost-benefit analysis taking into account the various investments will be carried out.

All these findings will lead to the elaboration of a best practice document for the production of warm mix asphalt in Swiss context. A methodology for an environmental and energy assessment of asphalt plants will be also proposed within this research.


The first phase of the project concerns an update of the knowledge in the domain, especially considering the various types of asphalt plants and the impacts of the production of warm mix asphalt on plants.

Then, it is proposed to carry out a national and international survey. The circulation of a questionnaire will be done, this in order to better identify the needs from the asphalt plant owners.

The third phase is dedicated to the measurements made on the asphalt plant. These measurements will then be treated and analysed and compared with the legislation applied in Switzerland and European Union and with databases about ecological impacts of materials.

Some considerations related to the energy flow during the production of warm mix asphalt in comparison with hot mix asphalt will be also made.

The fifth phase will focus on all the technical aspects related to the production of warm mix asphalt. In other words, what do we have to modify if we want to produce WMA?

A comprehensive methodology for a cost benefit analysis will be proposed in order to analyse if the production of WMA is profitable for asphalt plants.

Finally, some conclusions and recommendations will be provided and a best practice (or best available technique – BAT) guideline document will be proposed. Besides, the combination with RAP will be also discussed.


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In the final part of the research, some conclusions and recommendations areprovided, based on the findings. In this phase, a very important emphasis will be put on the dissemination activities to the various plant owners in Switzerland. Indeed, one of the objectives was to provide some information to plant owners, this in order to provide them all the necessary information for a further production of WMA. These dissemination activities  also allowed promoting bituminous mixtures with low energy and environmental impacts to the various persons working in that field.


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