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River Information Services Corridor Management Execution


River Information Services Corridor Management Execution

Background & policy context: 

RIS COMEX is a project consisting of two twinned Actions: 2015-EU-TM-0036-W and 2015-EU-TM-0038-W.

Based on the outcome and key agreed concepts of the TEN-T study "RIS enabled European IWT Corridor management" (2012-EU-70004-S), the project RIS COMEX will join the forces of 13 partner countries to improve cross-border cooperation with a view to achieving a service for the whole corridor, with common data quality, equal service level and unique access. The partnership encompasses the connected TEN-T core waterway network, from France over Belgium and Luxemburg to the Netherlands and via Germany the Danube (with Austria, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Republic of Bulgaria, Romania and also the Non-member state Serbia) and Czech Republic.


The RIS COMEX project aims for implementation and operation of cross-border River Information Services based on operational exchange of RIS data. These RIS-based Corridor (information) services shall allow for traffic management by the authorities and transport management by the logistics sector.

Other Countries: 
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxemburg, Romania, Slovakia + Serbia
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