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Road A14 Vilnius – Utena

Road A14 Vilnius – Utena

Background & policy context: 

Main traffic artery between Vilnius and north-eastern Lithuanian regions.
In 2013: 4,469 –5,742 vehicles
Maximum registered daily traffic volumes on 28.97 km on 2 August 2013 (Friday): 10,389 vehicles (238 heavy vehicles)
In 2028: up to 7,000 vehicles. Factual traffic volume increase on the main roads in 2000-2013: 79%
Average pavement roughness: 4.0 m/km, i.e. poor road condition
(road pavement condition is good when its roughness does not exceed 2.5 m/km)
In the last 10 years 147 registered traffic accidents: 56 fatalities 202 injured
Lack of financing impacts on the degradation of this road


Strategic aims in 2020 status quo 7 from 14
•traffic safety improvement measures;
•via baltic development:
    a) completion of kaunas-polish border (am), ≈1.13 billion ltl (≈330 mln. €);
    b) kaunas-lithuanian-latvian border (2+1) ≈0.4 billion ltl (≈170mln. €);
•vilnius –kaunas –klaipėda;
•preservation of national and regional roads;
•gravel road asphalt paving;
•bypass construction and ten-t corridor development;
•its implementation in traffic management, for society needs, measures for controlling exceeding weight and other dimensions
•gravel road restoration;


- Preparation/correction of reconstructed road sections' technical projects
- Reconstruction of 58.10 km of the road Vilnius –Utena
- Routine and periodical (repair) maintenance of 72.15 km (from 21.50 km to 93.65 km) road sections

Funding Source(s): 
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Lithuanian Road Administration
J. Basanavičiaus g. 36
Contact country:
+370 5 232 9600