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Road maintenance technique in management practice (VSS2009/706)

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Background & Policy context

There was a need of development of the code of practice for the realization of pavement management at road networks with a heterogeneous constitution of different road types in cantons and municipalities. Depending on requirements the different existing processes of road maintenance management in the Swiss Standards will be combined. Using this approach decision-maker will get a guideline to manage maintenance of road networks.


The aim of this research is development of a code of practice for using combinations of the different processes of road maintenance planning defined in the Swiss Standards for road maintenance management with consideration of various road network structures of cantons, cities and municipalities.


The research methodology is divided into three phases. As part of first phase, the evaluation and analysis of the planning process and the formulation of the necessary data bases. Phase 2 includes the generation of process combinations. In Phase 3, the recommendations are developed and created the final report.

As a final result, an array of different road networks and their subnets is developed, process of action planning  is suggested (planning process methods), as well as catalogue of the data necessary for the implementation. On this basis, an appropriate draft standard will be developed.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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61'300.00 CHF


The research provides guidance for the use and application of the various planning procedures different in complexity and significance. The procedures are important for the implementation of measures of conservation planning for different types of road networks in the cantons, cities, towns and villages.

It ensures targets aligned to the needs of subnets measures by using only the necessary measures in the relevant planning procedures and data bases. This allows to reduce the cost of data collection and thus costs of  planing works.

This manual represents the missing link between the existing basic standards of conservation management and planning measures by leading planners and engineers of the cantons, cities and municipalities.

The results lay a foundation for the optimization in terms of costs in the field of  roadways planning measures used on heterogeneous road networks and allow increasing efficiency of road maintenance. For this this project  represents a significant value for the general public.


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