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Road Safety Improvement through Promoting Public Passenger Transport

Road Safety Improvement through Promoting Public Passenger Transport
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Zvyšovanie bezpečnosti cestnej dopravy prostredníctvom podpory hromadnej prepravy cestujúcich


Road safety is a significant social problem which affects most people. With unchanged capacity of the roads, the risk of an accident can be reduced by reducing density of traffic flow. This can be achieved through a greater use of public passenger transport when unchanging intensity of flow of carriage. A methodology for promoting public passenger transport, therefore, will be an output of the project. By using the public transport from occupant’s position, overall social costs for carriage of a passenger are reduced but particularly the road safety is improved. The project will build on the results of previous project VEGA 1/0144/11 where the factors affecting number of passengers carried were identified (the project results were published in Current Contents and indexed journals). A part of the project output will be an economic assessment of increasing support for public passenger transport in relation to the savings associated with road safety improvement.

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Scientific Grant Agency
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Žilinská univerzita v Žiline Fakulta prevádzky a ekonomiky dopravy a spojov (University of Zilina, Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications)
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