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Road traffic relief and improvement of the population mobility on the cross border link corridor Oradea-Biharkeresztes

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The project targets the achievement of a common corridor, connecting road of two border cities, namely Oradea and Biharkeresztes, in order to ensure population mobility by public and car transportation. The common corridor connecting Oradea and Biharkeresztes will have the function to ensure rapid transit of tourists through Oradea urban development pole in the direction of Cluj-Napoca. At the same time, the cross-border link corridor will ensure the development of intermodal passenger transport, facilitating transfer with the train station of Biharkeresztes.

The main beneficiaries of the project are all the persons who benefit from the new cross-border link corridor, namely: (1) tourists, (2) the persons whom daily activity depends on the mobility between the two cities and (3) all the people who use the cross border link corridor because of its regional, national and international importance to the south eastern Europe region (1.100.000 people per year).

The indirect beneficiaries of the infrastructure created are the inhabitants of the two cities (210.774 people) as well as cross border economic actors.



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2007 - 2013 Hungary - Romania (HU-RO)


Among project results are the following:

  1. joint intermodal transportation improved;
  2. cross border access road and fast connecting road created; 2205 (m) of rehabilitated and constructed street networks; 3525 (m) of the new fast access road created;
  3. joint public transportation Impact Study and of Joint road transport guides for fast transit and fast mobility elaborated;
  4. 37250 daily people (tourists and travellers) who benefit from the cross border developed road;
  5. 1.000.000 (n/year) of cars transiting the cross border link corridor.


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