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Safe access systems on rail vehicles for disabled travellers


Safe access systems on rail vehicles for disabled travellers
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Systèmes d’Accès Sécurisés aux véhicules ferroviaires pour les Voyageurs Handicapés

Background & policy context: 

The gap between trains and platforms is a critical aspect for accessibility to public transport for people with reduced mobility. The project aims to solve these problems by developing and installing a safe device on trains. 


The project aims to develop an innovative solution for improving accessibility of travellers with reduced mobility to passenger trains. The project focuses on two interrelated aspects: the technological innovation in the public transport sector on one side and social innovation aspects related to the chance given to people with reduced mobility to mix up with other travellers to catch the train.


The project was carried out in two different phases.

In the first phase, some recommendations for optimal solutions were developed starting from a state-of-the-art analysis.

In the second phase, a prototype made of three different devices was developed. These are:

  • a virtual model on a future vehicle, taking into account its future functionality;
  • a steady state model to simulate different configurations both for Long Lines but also to be further exploited for regional lines;
  • a functional device to be installed on a Transilien regional train operating with platform.
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(1) MINEFI: Ministère de l'Economie, des Finances et de l'Industrie (Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry)(2) METLTM: Ministère de l'Equipement, des Transports, du Logement, du Tourisme et de la Mer (Ministry of Public Works, Transport, Housing, Tourism and the Sea), DRAST (Research Directorate)
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Key Results: 

The project demonstrated the need to develop specific equipment and devices for people with reduced mobility while offering solutions to the variety of disable travellers’ needs.

The test conducted on the Transilien trains (commuter trains serving Ile de France) proved that the system is fully functioning. 


SNCF Recherche (French Railways research department); Alstom-Transport; VITEC Multimédia; Réseau Ferré de France; CEA List; INRETS - Laboratoire Ergonomie Sciences Cognitives pour les Transports; Université Denis Diderot Paris 7 - Laboratoire d’Ethnologie des mondes contemporains;

SNCF Recherche
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