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Safe and comfortable driving based upon inter-vehicle communication

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Background & Policy context

The CarTALK 2000 consortium brought together the extensive knowledge of the leading European manufacturers of vehicles, vehicle components and communication systems, plus renowned research institutes. The seven partners DaimlerChrysler, CRF, BOSCH, Siemens, TNO, University of Stuttgart and University of Cologne focussed its research activities on safety related communication based driver assistance systems.


The technical objectives of CarTALK 2000 were to develop and realise co-operating driver assistance systems, to develop an extendable self-organising radio system for inter-car communication aiming at an emerging standard.

  • Specification of today’s and future applications for cooperative driver assistance systems and selection of those which can be realized in the framework of this project.
  • Develop software structures and algorithms, e.g. new fusion techniques for radio-based sensor information and local sensor information
  • Development of a self-organising radio system for intervehicle and vehicle-infrastructure communication
  • Algorithms for radio ad-hoc networks with extremely high dynamic network topologies
  • Integrate the communication system hardware and algorithms into test vehicle
  • Integrate the applications into probe vehicles to test and demonstrate both, info-mobility applications (existing applications) and safety applications in the same system architecture.
  • Test and demonstrate assistance functions in probe vehicles in real traffic scenarios


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European Comission, DG Information Society
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  • Defining an open architecture which allow vehicle manufacturer to bring together their predominant proprietary electronics architecture with the well defined CarTALK communication system.
  • Defining and realizing an open decentralised communication system which supports a broad range of applications for entertainment and information purposes as well as safety

    related CarTALK applications.
  • Defining and realizing the three major safety related application classes: Information & Warning Functions (IWF), Communication-Based Longitudinal Control (CBLC), Co-operative Driver Assistance (CODA)
  • Integration of the communication system hardware and algorithms and the applications into test vehicles.
  • Integrate the applications into probe vehicles to test and demonstrate both, info-mobility applications (existing applications) and safety applications in the same system architecture.
  • Show the feasibility of the applications and their market introduction by a socio-economic assessment with a cost benefit analysis.

Technical Implications

The socio-economic assessment has been carried out for the basic warning function from the Information and Warning Function (IWF) class and for the early braking function from the Communication Based Longitudinal Control (CBLC) class. In short both systems, basic warning and early braking will lead to significant benefits by reducing accidents and hence are desirable from a societal point of view.


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