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Safe cabling in road tunnels under the aspect of fire (VSS2002/705)

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The research project aims to work up the current state of knowledge in the construction of tunnels cable systems and associated installation methods and to develop proposals and solutions for maximum safety in case of fire.

Given the threat of cable systems must be inspected at various typical arrangements in detail. In the focus of interest here are mainly the cable systems most commonly used as cable duct systems under the side banquets, climbs behind linings and routes cables laid inside the tunnel.


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The results of the test project EUREKA Firetun and MEMORIAL were for the first time scriutinized and evaluated in view of the todays boundary conditions and cross sections applied in Switzerland. It could clearly be shown that the heat distribution is highly dependent on the cross section and the ventilation system.

Further it could be outlined that concrete slabs well protect cables from heat and damage even if the coverage is low and that open mounted installation channels are highly endangered.

For every single cabling system it has to be decided which requirements and specifications regarding fire and heat resistance are required. The Cable specifications can be defined depending on the kind of installation. "Oversized" safety specifications lead to general requirements like FE180/E30 and are not generally reasonable.

Technical Implications

The reaction is given by the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of the research report. A possible adaptation of the technical requirements in the submissions of the cantons must be examined. Likewise, with the appropriate points of ASTRA to consider how far certain requirements should be adapted to function maintenance of cable systems.


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