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Safety and comfort of car parks (VSS2000/454)

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Background & Policy context

There is no technical basis for the aspects of security and comfort in car parks neither in Switzerland nor abroad. Especially the fact that many big car parks in the cities will be renovated within the next years causes a strong necessity of information about security and comfort in car parks on the part of owners, operators, architects and special engineers, police and other authorities.

Security and comfort of car parks depend from a large number of technical and constructive measures and concern above all the architectural shaping, but also the technical equipment. The research work analyses the constructive measures to their effect, their efficiency and their relations to the measures of operation. All decisive aspects will be presented and commented together with the bases of regional policy, architecture, prevention of crime, sociology, security and other installation, fire protection.

Besides a standard will be sketched, which contains all information for designing of the access, organization of the service area (ticket distribution, toll station, toilet etc.), shaping of the parking spaces, spaces for bike parking, staircases, lifts, illumination, security and other installations, fire protection, signing vacant/engaged. A combined check and judgement list, which reveals the quality improvement by the measures, will be part of the standard's appendix. The research work will give technical bases for the planning and renovation of car parks.


Knowledge of arrangement and equipment of car parks with an evaluation in a practically oriented standard with the elements access for vehicles and persons, service area, shaping of parking spaces, staircases, lifts, illumination, security and other installations, fire protection.


The information gathering mainly includes a survey of urban property and the building and police authorities, airport directorates and at outfitters of parking garages. The focus of the survey, events, studies, concepts and project documents.


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Research report VSS 2000/454 "safety and comfort of parking facilities" (attached).

The research results serve as bases for a new Swiss Standard SN 640 285 "Design andequipment of car parks". It is part of a group of standards about parking and showsrelations to other standards and to the "European Parking Quality Standard" (EPQS).The standard contain all information about design of accesses for cars and pe-destrians, organization of services (issue of tickets, pay-stations, toilets, etc.), designof parking areas, staircases, lifts, illumination, safety-engineering, signing, guidanceas well as free/occupied-displays.

Other results

As part of the research, a draft standard is being processed. Thus, the implementation in practice is ensured.


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