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Safety of the road traffic system and its civil engineering structures: uniform evaluation of risks (AGB2005/102)

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Background & Policy context

The project includes the development of a framework for a consistent risk management, applicable for the management of all safety issues in the road traffic system. It includes quantitative risk assessments as well as quantitative criteria for risk acceptance. The framework provides a comprehensible basis for cost-effective decision making in all safety areas


The main project aim is the development of a framework for a consistent risk management in road traffic systems


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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The best alternative course of action should be either by maximizing the benefits or alternatively be identified by the minimization of the cost. In the formulation of the optimization problem, the objective function should also include aspects of sustainability.
The economic optimization can be the first and highest principle of strategic and to management of risk.

The second principle of strategic management of risk, the assessment of alternative courses of action with respect to the persons referred. With collective or social risks of persons expected value is the number of deaths for a group of people per unit of time.
The basis of this review, the marginal cost principle (and the LQI principle)
states: risks should be managed so that the measures needed to reduce risk
are used efficiently and consistently with the willingness to pay of the companies are. If this principle is followed, the efficient and optimal use allows the resources to risk reduction, this does not lead to the same spreading the risk across the various safety aspects of ASTRA norms.


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