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Safety traffic barrier of road tunnels

Geo-spatial type
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STRIA Roadmaps
Connected and automated transport (CAT)
Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM)
Infrastructure (INF)
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Passenger transport,
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The project objective is to design, build and test a road tunnel barrier prototype. The barrier will ensure a more efficient closure of the road tunnel in case of emergncy situation as compared to state-of-the-art systems. The system efficiency will be evaluated by testing and the conformity with technical standards will be documented. The operation procedure based on risk analysis will be applied. The main goal is to increase progressive technologies knowledge to improve road traffic safety in tunnels and to apply composites in traffic. The gained knowledge will result in improved performance of Technofiber (TF) and Feramat Cybernetics (FC), in increased safety of road tunnels and in decreased economic losses caused by accidents and long slow detours. The work will be focused on interdisciplinary solution, complex approach, increasing project work efficiency, speeding up results transfer to production and their application. The project conception aims to increasing collaboration among TC, FC and University of West Bohemia (UWB).

The specific goals:

1.Analysis of material structures. TF, UWB. 11/2014.

2. Barrier profile design. FC, ZCU. 12/2014.

3. Barrier support design. TF, UWB. 5/2015.

4. Electronic controll. UWB, FC, TF. 7/2015.

5. Communication with existing tunnel equipment. FC. 10/2015.

6. Production technology development. TF. 10/2015.

7. Laboratory barrier sample and its controll fabrication. TF. 12/2015.

8. Selected materials climatic stability testing. UWB. 12/2015.

9. System risk analysis. FC, TF. 12/2015.

10. Operation analysis. FC, UWB. 12/2016.

11. System tests. TF, FC, UWB. 12/ 2016.

12. Method for setting the system to operation. FC. 9/2016.

13. Final version of the prototype fabrication. TF, FC, UWB. 12/2017.

14. Assessment of the road tunnel barrier prototype conformity to standards and legislation in force. FC, TF. 12/2017.

15. Intellectual property rights protection. 12/2017.


Parent Programmes
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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)


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