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Screening the S-train Services

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As part of the strategic analysis of Greater Copenhagen, included in the agreement on a green transport policy from 29th January 2009, the Danish Transport Authority has completed a screening indented to:

Assess the possibilities of expanding the public S-train services to Helsingør and Roskilde in a short term.
Estimate the construction costs and examine the consequences for the other regional railway services as well as any other traffic aspects, state of rail supply, the link to the signal programme etc.


Funding Source
Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing


The screening includes two operating scenarios for each of the sub-sections. Roskilde and Elsinore. One operating scenario illustrates the situation where the current regional operation is fully or partially replaced by S-train operation so far as possible, in the ratio of 1: 1 (1: 1 control scenario).

The other operating scenario illustrates a situation where the operation is extended
in line with the corresponding S-rail segment of the transition to S-train operation (extended operating scenario).

The best improvement in the timeliness achieved by maintaining one operationally disassociated S-line in connection with any extensions of commuter train service to Roskilde and Elsinore - i. e. to maintain the current principle that commuter trains always run on separate tracks. This is achieved while simplifying and significantly
cheapening the necessary adjustments to infrastructure.

Both operating scenarios are based on functional separation. Based on the current targets for punctuality by 2020 it is expected that the passengers released from regional trains for commuter trains, will halve their average delay from 100 to 50 seconds.



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