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Self-sensing Curved composite panel under Operational load: methodology Platform for prediction of damage Event

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€400 000
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€300 000
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Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM)
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Passenger transport,
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This proposal developed SHM methodology platform, as outlined in JTI call JTI-CS-2012-3-GRA-01-051, for impact and damage detection in curved fuselage panels under real load conditions. The platform was able to detect BIVID and VID on sensorised fuselage panels. Different SHM methodologies were established based on piezoelectric transducers and Fibre Optic sensors. To allow for numerical simulation of impact events and wave propagation, non-linear Finite Element models were developed using SMART Elements to run in parallel on High Performance Computing units. Moreover, advanced Message Passing Interfaces were utilised to cope with large size of data handling.

The SCOPE platform had the following features:

  • SMART computational methodologies to accurately simulate sensing and actuating in real-time under real dynamic load conditions;
  • Passive sensing methodologies by generating meta-models based on sensor signals to detect and identify various impact events which are likely to occur during service life of aircraft;
  • Active sensing techniques based on Lamb wave and Electromechanical Impedance to detect and characterise damage;
  • An optimisation algorithm resulting in optimum sensor layout (i.e. number and location) using sensor data from SMART FE simulations;
  • A robust and reliable sensor system by utilising “SMART sensor” models with self-diagnostic properties to reduce the Probability of False Alarm;
  • Full non-linear impact analysis incorporating damage models for advanced composite to identify damage development and propagation;
  • Statistical analysis of the developed methodologies to result in a robust and reliable SHM platform;
  • To set test procedures for collecting SHM data;
  • Multiple impact data for impact identification;
  • Validation and calibration of the developed methodologies.


Parent Programmes
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European Commission
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Public (EU)
Specific funding programme
JTI-CS - Joint Technology Initiatives - Clean Sky
Other Programme
JTI-CS-2012-3-GRA-01-051 Methodology platform for prediction of damage event for self sensing curved composite panel subjected to real load conditions


Executive Summary:

This final report summarises the most significant work performed during the 2-year project SCOPE. In addition, the validation of the methodologies against published results and experimental measurements are reported for the first time.

The main objective of the SCOPE project was to develop, verify and validate algorithms for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of a curved composite panel. The final deliverable reports on:

  • the adopted methodologies for impact force magnitude and location;
  • adopted methodologies for damage detection, identification and characterisation;
  • self-diagnostic SHM system;
  • methodologies for effective positioning of sensors and actuators;
  • statistical analysis and probability of false alarms; and
  • a dedicated software platform.

Each of which have been detailed in separate deliverables. SCOPE’s work was dedicated to development of methodologies only. However, in this report the above methodologies are validated at coupon, simple stiffeners panel and a curved fuselage panel against numerical and experimental measurements carried out by ICL in other projects. Following the validation, it can be concluded that the methodologies developed perform with a high degree of accuracy and robustness for self-diagnostics, impact detection and damage detection.


Lead Organisation
Imperial College Of Science Technology And Medicine
Exhibition Road, South Kensington, LONDON, SW7 2AZ, United Kingdom
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EU Contribution
€300 000
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Technology Theme
Condition monitoring
Structural health monitoring based on modelling
Development phase

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