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Sightless touch infotainment system for drivers

Sightless Touch

Sightless touch infotainment system for drivers

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Sightless Touch by Inpris is an auto technology that, for the first time, enables eyes-free touch control for automotive infotainment systems, making driving safe again without compromising on connectivity and efficiency. Sightless Touch can also increase the efficiency of voice recognition systems - the system already knows what kind of commands it should receive next. By simply using different fingers to fluidly substitute voice actions, this skips many time-consuming layers of verbal clarification and therefore reduces potential errors and driver distraction.

Current systems in vehicles offer limited solutions and most are based either on traditional touch screen, which requires the driver to look at the screen while driving, or on voice commands which, according to AAA, cause cognitive distraction and are slow and unreliable.

Sightless Touch is a futuristic methodology that maps the human hand. It follows the fingers through algorithms, assigning a different function for each finger. Its movements open up the possibility for the commander to operate a console without looking at it. We thus present Sightless Touch as a safer, faster and more reliable technology that is the future, today, in your hands. Sightless Touch not only frees the driver’s eyes from looking at the screen, but it is 10 times faster, and prevents the cognitive distractions that traditional systems cause.

Sightless Touch expects to reach 3 million units by 2023. The product will render revenues of around €36 million and a profit of €19.4 million that year. We estimate funding needs a further 1.5 million to launch the product suite to market, and a ROI of 31 by 2023 and payback in the first half of 2020.

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European Commission
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Inpris Innovative Products From Israel Ltd

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