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Small Air Transport (SAT) - GAM 2020


Small Air Transport (SAT) - GAM 2020

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Actually, there is a big need for connecting small airports in remote areas. However, today no affordable solution is available due to the high cost per seats of current available small aircraft.

Thus, a reduction of operating cost of small aircraft (up to 19 seats) will open this promising market, and will contribute to improve mobility in Europe, connecting small cities and helping to reduce flight time, matching the FlightPath 2050 "d2d 4h" challenge.

The SAT Initiative proposed in Clean Sky 2 represents the R&D (Research & Development) interests of European manufacturers of small aircraft used for passenger transport and for cargo transport, belonging to EASA´s CS-23 (European Aviation Safety Agency Certification Specifications-23) regulatory base. This will include dozens of industrial companies (many of which SMEs – Small Medium Enterprises –), research centres and universities. The community covers the full supply chain, i.e. aircraft integrators, engine and systems manufacturers and research organizations.

SAT main goal is to meet the Flightpath 2050 target whereby "90% of travellers within Europe are able to complete their journey, door-to-door within 4 hours", improving overall European air mobility.

This proposal presents the work plan 2020-21 toward the SAT-TA final objectives.

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European Commission
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Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.a

Viale Castro Pretorio 116
185 ROMA
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Evektor Spol. S R.o.

Letecka 1008
Czech Republic
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