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The main objective of Bike2Work is to achieve a significant energy-efficient modal shift from motorized modes to cycling by introducing behaviour change programs to employers that sustainably change the behaviour of commuters.


Bike2Work combines two fields of action:

  1. Bike2Work campaigns with the improvement of the bicycle-friendliness of employers. Existing Bike2Work campaigns are highly effective in changing the behaviour of participants because they are based on proven behaviour change methodologies taken from other sectors such as public health and energy saving.
  2. Similarly, the bicycle-friendliness of an employer has a proven effect on the number of employees cycling to work.

And it has been demonstrated that these two approaches reinforce each other – employer support and campaigns each becoming more successful if implemented in a complementary manner. 


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  • Bike2Work increases the number of commuter trips done by bicycle instead of car;
  • Bike2Work does not only achieve short-term outcomes; the project secures sustainability and continuous extensions far beyond the short term deliverables. It will have an impact on the target groups of commuters, employers and municipalities;
  • By carrying out the Bike2Work campaigns and improving the bicycle-friendliness of employers, the number of participants in the various countries will be raised. This will result in ~ 8,870 tonnes of fuel savings and ~ 52,299 tonnes CO2 savings (tCO2e) during the project;
  • In order to achieve a positive feedback loop and further increase cycling commuter, at least 295 employers will improve their bicycle-friendliness during the project.
  • It is expected that in the long term, from 2015-2020, Bike2Work will save at least 22,000 tonnes of fuel (toe) and ~ 133,500 tonnes CO2. (tCO2e)


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