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Smart Integrated system for Reliable Parking information, search and guidance.


Smart Integrated system for Reliable Parking information, search and guidance.

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Hi-Park Solutions is a disruptive SME whose mission is to revolutionize the market of urban parking by delivering a smart application to help drivers find a free on-street parking space while improving urban life across the Smart City concept. Our Sir-Park’s patented application crowdsources on-street parking vacancy data automatically via either driver’s smartphone or embedded in the vehicle’s infotainment system. Its concept combines both, a reliable and precise real time parking location, and the powers of processing and learning on historic and statistical data observed over time. Sir-Park checks regulations and other street data such as garage entries, loading-downloading, etc. as well as the space physical dimensions, giving drivers a reliable probability of finding a valid vacant on-street parking space over the next minutes on a certain street section.

Drivers will find value in Sir-Park a smart integrated and reliable app that will help them reduce up to 50% of the average time to park, while first screening their chances of finding free on-street parking and guiding them to the most promising route, and secondly, offering paid parking alternatives. Municipalities, Telecom and Big Data companies will find valuable source of data in a system that crowd sources street image into valuable parking availability information and user mobility patterns.

To date, we have conducted a preliminary pilot in Tel Aviv, Israel, validating the application. We are now preparing for scaled-up demonstrations across major European cities. Our aim is to develop a Smart parking application that will reach 300,000 end users by 2018 across 3 major European cities.

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European Commission
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Hi Park Solutions Ltd

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