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Smart programmable load and source

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€210 000
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€155 475
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STRIA Roadmaps
Transport electrification (ELT)
Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM)
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This proposal aimed to provide an eco-efficient and highly flexible solution for free programmable loads. It builds further upon the existing 3PExpress product range of Triphase and enables to realise loads in the four quadrants of the V-I matrix. Loads can be configured as power consumers or in power rejection mode and control updates are possible on a 8 kHz time resolution.


Parent Programmes
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European Commission
Type of funding
Public (EU)
Specific funding programme
JTI-CS - Joint Technology Initiatives - Clean Sky
Other Programme
JTI-CS-2011-3-GRC-03-010 Advanced programmable Loads for Electrical Test Bench


Executive Summary:

Exploitation of GAP foreground (results and other outputs)

Triphase developed a modular and multifunctional smart programmable electrical load and source (SPLS). The SPLS modules are used as part of a wider test bench for more-electric aircraft. The Triphase SPLS module distinguishes itself in combining a configurable hardware architecture with a flexible and reprogrammable software architecture. This allows SPLS users to readily adapt to the test setup at hand, both in terms of converter hardware configuration as well as control software strategy. As such, it rises beyond a mere power converter: it is a platform suited for building advanced power conversion applications for the research and test markets.

For Triphase, the various use scenarios and associated performance of the SPLS, provides valuable input for improvements in future designs. Managing the many different use cases has proven a great challenge. Already and during the course of the project, many of the outcomes have integrated in new product iterations of what is now called the Triphase PMxTM product series. As such, project results are deployed in Triphase power converter products for avionics applications as well as for the research and test market in general.

Engagement of potential end users and other stakeholders

Triphase’s main focus is on the research and test market for power electronics and power systems prototyping. Next generation products, coming out of the experience gained within the project, have already been deployed in a wide variety of public and industrial research organisations. Examples include France’s CEA and Germany’s Fraunhofer Institiutes. Together, these organisations cover a wide range of applications, ranging from renewables and microgrids over avionics to automotive.

Typical customers face the challenge to test novel and complex converter designs for which no readily off-the-shelf solutions exist. Here, the versatility of the Triphase SPLS platform proves a major advantage since it enables users to adapt to the situation at hand as they explore uncharted designs and technologies.

Factors and constraints that could affect the envisaged exploitation

In order to enter some specific markets, additional certifications may be required. This not only requires certification of the products (CE, UL, etc.) but also of the personnel (e.g. security clearances in the U.S.). To cover the latter, Triphase is looking to establish partnerships with companies that have a complementary product offering as well as experience in the relevant industries and/or countries. Triphase aims for partners willing to offer integration and customization services upon the Triphase platform. Although Triphase has the skills to provide integration and customization services, the type of partnerships described above are important in order to scale up our operations and to extend our reach in the market.



Lead Organisation
Triphase Nv
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EU Contribution
€155 475
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EU Contribution


Technology Theme
Aircraft design and manufacturing
Electric aircraft
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