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Social Dumping in Aviation

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Background & Policy context

In June 2013, the Danish Minister of Transport set up a broadly composed working group containing representatives of the aviation industry, the trade unions, and the relevant ministries. The working group was tasked with preparing a report on social dumping in aviation.


The working group was to continue to work on the problems and proposed initiatives raised in the aforementioned report. Against this background, work continued further along the three routes that formed the basis of the report:

  1. The EU route, where, owing to EU regulations, initiatives are required at EU level.
  2. The national route, where Denmark itself is able to implement initiatives to combat social dumping.
  3. Ensuring that there is no deliberate circumvention of the rules

The report contains specific proposals for further work in relation to the EU including a common definition on the concept of the employer and home-base. The report also includes proposals for better rules regarding working environment as well as a proposal for a more competitive sector in relation to companies from outside the EU.


Funding Source
Ministry of Transport of Denmark


This report opens with an updated summary of both the report of April 2014 and the overall trend within the airline industry. This is followed by a report on Danish initiatives in relation to the EU since the report of April 2014, as well as on the measures implemented at national level in order to combat social dumping/rule shopping. Details are then given of the initiatives implemented by the EU with regard to social dialogue and social dumping/rule shopping and which the working group considers should be the general objectives of the proposals submitted to the Commission in this report. Finally, it is proposed that the measures for the EU route be realized as far as possible through an aviation regulation.


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