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Social-psychology analysis of drivers with 12 points in demerit point system and development of methodology of driver`s ability to drive within traffic psychology assessment

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The main objective of the project was to carry out sociopsychological analysis of drivers who have reached the threshold of 12 points within the penalty scheme and have had their driver’s licences suspended as a result.

The project should help in (a) eliminating risk drivers when selecting professional drivers (as prescribed by the relevant laws), (b) screening for risk drivers during training in driving schools, and (c) working with drivers who have used up all their penalty points towards the goal of their rehabilitation (tailoring the rehabilitation programmes to their specific needs).


The analysis focused on the personality of the driver and their sociodemographic characteristics. Then, on the basis of our findings, a methodology to assess psychological aptitude to drive was developed, it will be used to select drivers (professional drivers, as well as those who are required by the relevant laws to undergo examination in terms of traffic psychology) and provide training in driving schools.


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The outcomes of the project include (a) personality and sociodemographic analysis of ders who have had their driver’s licences suspended as a result of their reaching the threshold of 12 points within the penalty scheme and (b) a methodology for assessing psychological aptitude to drive.

The project has implications for the rehabilitation of drivers in that the information about the personality and demographic characteristics of the drivers who have used up all their penalty points will make it possible to design rehabilitation programmes in such a way as to meet the drivers’ specific needs. The project responds to the call for better public safety using the outcomes of applied research. Therefore, it is important to define a risk driver and develop tools to eliminate the danger ensuing from their involvement in the traffic system by selecting, training, and rehabilitating drivers.


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