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Background & policy context: 

SocialCar is an Intelligent Transport System based on an innovative approach to transport demand management, and more specifically to carpooling in urban and peri-urban areas. SocialCar seek to assimilate carpooling into existing mobility systems by means of powerful planning algorithms and integration of big data from public transport, carpooling and crowd sourcing. Their  mission is to leverage, popularise and mainstream the concept of a public-private integrative co-modal local transportation service for the benefit of citizens, businesses and the efforts to obtain an optimal utilisation of local transport resources.

Current journey planning tools generally do not provide information for multi-modal journeys, often propose options which require multiple public transport interchanges or propose options which result in long and convoluted multi-leg journeys. Therefore SocialCar will consider accessing public transport services by a wider variety of modes including car, carpooling/sharing, bike, shared bike, walk, taxi and other on demand services. Citizens will be given access to this unique service that optimises the use of all available mobility resources in the sharing economy. SocialCar will reduce travel times and costs, increase convenience, and contribute to better environmental performance of urban transport networks.


SocialCar General Objectives are to:
- contribute to the EU2020 targets on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources reducing congestion by improving and maximising connectivity and information in real-time
- overcoming the limitations of current carpooling practices moving from long trips to effective urban and peri-urban use
- validate green driving support systems, active management based on European GNSS
- identify a suitable big data management architecture for integrating mobility data
- produce a city-based open integrated mobility repository of public transport and traffic city-based data


SocialCar will : 
- define data processing flows and design algorithms to match travel requests with the integrated public-private transport supply, complemented by a reputation-based mechanism
- design the architectural and logical framework of the service by using open source software under the GNU General Public License
- offer a business and investment strategy for the implementation of SocialCar systems.
SocialCar seeks to establish a cooperation culture between authorities, ITS developers, public transport operators and carpoolers.
Testing location:
Brescia (IT), Brussels (BE), Edinburgh (UK), Lazio region (IT), Ljubljana (SI), Luxembourg (LU), Skopje (MK), Ticino (CH), Turin (IT) and Zagreb (HR).


Type of funding:
Funding Source(s): 
funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 636427. Funding scheme: RIA - Research and Innovation action

- FIT Consulting, Italy
- Centre for research and technology Hellas Centre for research and technology Hellas, Greece
- University of Aberdeen, United Kongdom
- Ab.Acus, Italy
- University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, Switzerland
- Vectos, United Kingdom
- LuxMobility, Luxembourg
- Bermag, Poland
- Movenda, Italy
- City of Skopje, FYROM
- South East of Scotland Transport Partnership, United Kingdom
- Region Lazio, Italy
- City of Zagreb, Croatia
- Institute of Traffic and Transport Ljubljana, Slovenia
- Italian ITS Association, Italy
- IBI Group, United Kingdom
- Concept Factory, Luxembourg
- Strategic Stuff, Netherlands
- University of West Hungary, Hungary
- Zight B.V., Netherlands
- Eurecat, Spain
- Brescia Mobilita, Italy
- Taxistop, Belgium
- City of Turin, Italy
-, United Kingdom
- Plan idea, Switzerland

Contact Name: 
Ms Paola Cossu
Contact Email: 
Contact country:
+ 39 06 77 59 14 30