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Solutions for increasing the mass-transit attractiveness. Bucharest and metropolitan area case study

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Background & Policy context

On national scale, until now, a link cannot be made between land use planning and transport sustainable development. With few exceptions, regarding the placement of large industrial objectives - chemical, electrical and steel plants, that took into consideration the transport capacity of the existing infrastructures, land use planning and transport were separate themes of research. The congestion effects and external costs on transport users and non-users led to the necessity of a unitary research regarding land use planning and transport sustainable development. The results are important not only for the population in the areas of Bucharest but also for the economic agents that will benefit from an urban sustainable development solution.


The project TRANSATRACT aims to increase the attractiveness of mass-transit system in Bucharest and the main objectives have been:

  • to identify the solutions for urban area and transport development according to sustainable development requirements;
  • to analyse the world best practices already applied to make the mass-transit more attractive;
  • to critically analyse the urban transportation in Bucharest and metropolitan area;
  • to characterise the urban mass-transit transport means;
  • to define and evaluate the quality indices of the mass transit services;
  • to analyse the most recent and modern operating technologies of mass-transit;
  • to design the urban mass-transit network and to elaborate technical, economic and financial documentation;
  • to design the technical project of a certain transit route;
  • to elaborate the technical project of infrastructure works and mass-transit vehicle;
  • to elaborate the quality norms and regulations of the projected mass-transit services.

Starting from the malfunction of the present urban transit in Bucharest and according to the Bucharest Urban Development Plan, TRANSATRACT provides a new vision of the mass-transit network. Few alternatives of mass-transit network regarding investments, technologies and social mobility have been evaluated.
Quality norms and regulations using a passenger survey and transport service quality criteria have been evaluated.


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SC IPA SA Bucharest, Programme Manager: Mr A. Botu
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