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Spatial impact of transport infrastructure-Methodological pilot study (01027)

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Background & Policy context

The collection and assessment of effects of new transport infrastructure is a key element in the planning of infrastructures. So far, the predicted effects were rarely in Switzerland  compared with the spatial impacts of infrastructure facilities detected after realisation of the project (ex-post analysis).


The project aims to define the spatial impacts of transport infrastructure, pointing out the requirements for their identification and evaluation, particularly with regard to the realisation of case studies. On the one hand is ensured  comparison among these case studies  and on the other conclusions for future projects can be drawn from the specific case studies. Finally the requirements for monitoring will be drawn up.


The overall project consists of three parts:

  • Development of a methodology for the analysis of actual changes in the field of transport infrastructure  impact;
  • Drawing up case studies to gain knowledge from the past for the future development and to verify the methodology developed in the first stage;
  • Developing and implementing a regular monitoring plan of  transport infrastructure spatial impacts.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Methodological preliminary study which is composed of a guide and a work report for the ex-post analysis of the spatial impact of transport infrastructure (contractor: Güller Güller architecture urbanism, Zurich and Rotterdam) 

Innovation aspects

New methodology for ex-post analysis of the spatial impact of transport infrastructure.

Policy implications

The methodology is a supporting tool for decision making in the field of transport infrastructure.


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