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Speaker verification as an add-on element of the Air Traffic Management security

Speaker verification as an add-on element of the Air Traffic Management security
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Verifikácia hovoriaceho ako prvok bezpečnosti riadenia letovej prevádzky


The project aims at checking up the possibility of using the speaker verification (SV) as an add-on safety element in the ATM security. The project objective is to study the properties of this communication and to verify whether it would be possible to use the speaker verification system to verify the identity of the speakers and to discover a potential entry by an intruder in this communication. The project focus is on the initial assessment of involvement of the speaker verification technology in the ATM security system. The SV and its resistance to fraud attacks will be performed in the Slovak languge too. A set of speech recording samples of 500 speakers will be prepared, a unique set of 500 corresponding synthesisers with wide range of settings will be created, which together with the existing synthesisers will be used to prepare data for imitated attacks. The complex calculations related to training and evaluation will be implemented on the computer cluster of the II SAS.

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Scientific Grant Agency
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