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Specification of objectives of transport policy in the area of transport service with emphasis on integrated transport systems

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STRIA Roadmaps
Network and traffic management systems (NTM)
Smart mobility and services (SMO)
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Transport policies
Societal/Economic issues
Transport sectors
Passenger transport,
Freight transport


Background & Policy context

The aim is to help answer strategic questions concerning public transport in the sense of integration of the individual subsystems and open environment in public transport.


The project deals with the issue of public transport with special focus on integration of the individual subsystems. The project also includes investigation of contributions of the public sector to the area of public transport, price generation and the issue of open market in the context of regulated competition.


The individual project activities focus on the following issues: 

  • What public transport systems exist in the Czech Republic and to what extent they are integrated, where they are identical and where they are different and what allows for their financial viability; description of the existing Czech and European legislation; 
  • Summary of inspiring international experience, especially experience of Central European countries with a similar demographic structure to the Czech Republic; 
  • The activity called 'Specification of Regional and Long-Distance Transport' contains some basic theoretical issues in the area of assessment of public interest, integration and segmentation of transport and open environment of public transport. Its objective is to ask as many open questions as possible; 
  • Vision in public transport, from official transport policy documents to opinions of individual players on the transport market, including success criteria and related service quality and measurement standards; 
  • Relationships between individual entities in an integrated system of public transport (competences, finance, information), the issue of price generation, and correct distribution of competences; 
  • Conclusions for proposal of public transport strategy; variants of legislative strategy; 
  • Critical assessment of results of the theoretical model and proposals following from the designed solution for the particular territory.


Parent Programmes
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Public institution
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Ministry of Transport & Communications
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Public (national/regional/local)


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EU Contribution


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