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The speed of vehicles in Poland in 2015

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Background & Policy context

The project is a part of the national road safety policy, particularly the National Road Safety Programme 2013-2020.


The main objective of the project was to measure speed of motor vehicles on different types of roads and to find out the number of violation the legally set speed limits as well as the spacing of vehicles. 


The speed test of vehicles in 2015 was carried out in selected 94 measuring points
spread on the roads of various categories throughout Poland. Their location was
determined in accordance with the test requirements, on the basis of which the points were divided into 10 types. The study included national roads, including motorways and expressways as well as provincial and district roads. The measurements were conducted at each point for 24 hours, which allowed the congregate data on almost 900 000 vehicles. The measurements were carried out using the non-invasive automatic measuring devices recording the motion mode "vehicle behind the vehicle."


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The average speed of vehicles determined on the basis of measurements in 2015 is greater than the one obtained from measurements in 2014. This change is likely due to the good weather conditions during the measurements (the 2014 measurements took place in autumn, the 2015 ones in the spring). Therefore, the ability to compare results from the current and previous measurement is limited.

The average speed of vehicles on highways increased by 7 km/h to 120 km/h. Similar increases were recorded on expressways of 104 km/h to 109 km/h, national roads of 81 km/h to 84 km/h and district roads of 69 km/h to 78 km/h. On the contrary on the provincial roads outside built-up areas, the value of speed dropped from 82 km/h to 80 km/h.

Policy implications

The project prepared a base for application of measures increasing the road safety in Poland.

Policy objectives

The policy objective is to decrease number of fatalities and injuries caused by road transport. This project provided important data categories, in terms of speeding as one of the causes of road accidents.


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