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Strategic models (medium and long term models)

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Background & Policy context

Travel demand is dependent on medium and long-term components such as residential location, work location and car ownership. The choice of residence and work location is also an implicit choice of surrounding in terms of shopping facilities and leisure possibilities, which induce a second type of travel demand, which is often recognised as more impulsive and short-term driven.

However, because of the tight connection with any long-term decision, these decisions can essentially be considered as long-term decisions as well. So, in general it seems more appropriate to model travel demand from a long-term model structure, rather than considering travel demand from a short-term perspective with fixed locations as done in recent Danish models such as PETRA and ALTRANS.


The aim of the project is to elaborate a framework for medium and long term aspects such as location, travel time and costs in the use for transport modelling.


The project is based on the existing DRAW model (Danish model of Residence And Work). The quantities from DRAW are linked with aggregated forecasts through a spatial equilibrium model. Finally, additional constraints are added to the spatial eqiulibrium model.


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The project consisted of two sub-projects. One of them dealt with hedonic modelling of house prices which has been finished successfully. The other sub-project, regarding strategic models for passenger transport, has developed a prototype SCGE model for passenger transport in Copenhagen.

Policy implications

The refinement of the model presupposes the development of methods to integrate transport, economy and land use.


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