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Structural design of a counter-rotating open rotor

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€194 150
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€145 612
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Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM)
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In this project two fe models for counter-rotating open rotors made from composites were needed. Before generating these models, a structural design was necessary. IBK is an SME with a long tradition in both structural mechanics and aerodynamics. Consequently, our customers come from areas where both parts of our knowledge are needed, which is among the aviation industry and the turbine industry. IBK therefore drew on long years of experience in the field that was needed.

Therefore, a project was proposed, in which the disciplines of designing rotating devices (in this case an open rotor) and designing parts with composites (in this case the rotor blade) are united. IBK started with an detailed analysis of the design problem of the rotor-blade, propose and discuss solution with the JTI-Consortium and develop a composite-design, using a modern, state of the art failure criterion which promises a high level of quality for the design. All relevant steps were performed in close cooperation with the contractor, in order to ensure that all input for the project is accounted for.


Parent Programmes
Institution Type
Public institution
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European Commission
Type of funding
Public (EU)
Specific funding programme
JTI-CS - Joint Technology Initiatives - Clean Sky
Other Programme
JTI-CS-2009-1-SFWA-02-002 Finite Element Models of Counter Rotating Open Rotor blades


Executive summary:

The DECROR project consisted of the IBK company as sole partner and therefore coordinator. IBK is a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) located in Germany with a long history as research and technological development (RTD) service provider in the fields of structural mechanics, fluid mechanics and couplings of both domains. With this project IBK was introduced into WP2222 of 'Smart fixed wing aircraft' (SFWA). During the IBK project worked on the 'Design of counter-rotating open rotors' (DECROR). Work combining different disciplines in mechanical engineering was performed, the results were delivered and discussed with the partners. Due to some late input the project itself had to be extended for six months, without an effect on costs.


Lead Organisation
Ibk Ingenieurbuero Hauptsitz
Rehdorfer 4, 90431 Nürnberg, Germany
EU Contribution
€145 612
Partner Organisations
EU Contribution


Technology Theme
Aircraft propulsion
Counter Rotating Open Rotor Engine
Development phase

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