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Struma Motorway, Bulgaria


Struma Motorway, Bulgaria


Struma Motorway is a major road infrastructure project located in the Yugozapaden region of South West Bulgaria. Running between capital city Sofia and Kulata at the Bulgaria-Greece border, the total length of the motorway will be 173.8km.

Two sections of the motorway were completed in 2011, the 19km Lyulin stretch that connects the Sofia ring road with the junction of Daskalovo near Pernik and a 22km section between Daskalovo and Dolna Dikanya to the south of Sofia.

The remaining 132.8km of the Struma motorway project has been divided into four sections. Construction of sections 1 and 4 started in 2011 and 2012 respectively. The construction contract for section 2 was awarded in February 2013.

Section 3, which is the most complex section of the project, is currently in a preliminary design phase, with the construction planned for after 2014.

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Ministry of transport, information technology and communications
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Danube Bridge 2, Bulgaria
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EU's Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-Accession (ISPA), Daskalovo-Dolna Dikanya coop. European Investment Bank
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The preparation included three steps:

1. Preparation of preliminary design  - The main task of the desiner has been to  determine the optimal alignment and develop a preliminary design of the tunnel and the road sections.

2. Consultancy service from strategic advisor - The strategic advisor assisted the employer in respect to the technical, financial, environmental and management aspoect of the design process.

3. Envrionmental consultant - for the first time in Bulgaria, the consultant  worked together with ecologists, in order to ensure technical solutions comply with environmental norms.

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Anna Buneva
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The Bulgarian Association for Geotechnical and Tunnel Construction
Al. Zhendov str. 6
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