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Study and modeling of the calendar aging of NiMH and Li-ion batteries embedded in road vehicles.

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Background & Policy context

The use of energy storage systems for the operation of electric and hybrid vehicles still faces several major challenges:

- One thing is certain: The complexity of architectures in their implementation and management requires an approach simulation for dimensioning and optimization. Such an approach, which must be comprehensive, since ESS electrochemistry on the vehicle system and its use is extremely difficult to implement and is little used,

- Uncertainties: The changing nature of the stresses of storage systems and the use of components and innovative architectures induce uncertainty in their modes of aging and life which are currently a major problem.


The project SIMCAL is focused on the study and modeling of the calendar aging of NiMH and Li-ion batteries embedded in road vehicles.


To better exploit the employed experimental means, the project  will pursue the twin goals of modeling
SES already completely covered in Simstock and the more prospective study of the aging mechanisms
calendar in the case of newer technologies where these phenomena are poorly known (especially for
Li-Ion batteries for new generations).


Funding Source


This project allowed to study the calendar aging seven different battery technologies for transportation and establish empirical models of aging. The calendar aging is an important phenomenon to consider, since the average use of a vehicle is estimated at 7000 hours (approx 10 months) to 15 years of life.

The pooling of testing resources and the allocation of work between the partners have made possible the realization of an experimental Li-ion and NiMH  battery aging scale campaign to build a consistent database and identify the mechanisms involved by following the technologies.


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