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Sub-Project C: Modelling and simulation of airport passenger streams and safety concepts

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Background & Policy context

Airports are complex buildings and Hubs for streams of different kinds. Their development is very dynamic and influenced by regional plans for extensions or retrofits as well as by global influences and economical and technological developments and administrative regulations. To keep up to the speed of development, it has proven successful to engage in complex analyses if the existing and planned facilities and processes so that conclusions concerning profitability and operational effectiveness as well as future prospects can be drawn. During the last years, the discrete event simulation became an effective tool for responding to these issues. It became evident that a static analysis does not live up to the complexity of the issue in contrast to a dynamic approach.


The objective of the project was to illustrate possibilities and measures for the optimization of the handling process on airports.


The basic project work included first of all the definition and specification of the terms to be used, input and result data for the simulation as well as the specification of database architectures. The basic work also included the analysis of the deployment of the dynamic simulation for the purpose of emergency simulation besides the process chain modelling in the framework of the passenger flow and terminal simulation. The dynamic simulation allows for the modelling of emergency scenarios so that the initial approach was selected, which is to deploy a constant utilization of the dynamic simulation for all modelling aspects of the project. After comprehensive analyses and discussions, the emergency scenarios were however simulated with the “fluid approach” and connected to the dynamic simulation because of project-strategic reasons.


Other Programme
Aeronautics Research 3
Funding Source
Ministry of Economics and Technology (now Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


In the framework of S3, safety concepts and the impact of technological innovations like the integration of biometrics at security controls are investigated. Two parameter fields have to be considered: On the one hand the processes in the terminal and on the other hand the passenger flow through the main hall. Both the assessment of new safety concepts and the implementation of a catastrophe scenario simulation are an important part of the project. The basis for this project is a terminal simulation system, which is uses the example of the airport in Hamburg. The simulation technologies developed by all S3 partners represent a tool that enables the analysis of airport operations with innovative handling conditions.

Findings of the study are published in detail by a final report (German only) which is available online via


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EU Contribution
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EU Contribution


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