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Sub-Project E: Emergency management, timeliness and safety of passenger check-in

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Background & Policy context

The behaviour of people in emergency situations differs from their normal behaviour because of unique unpredictable events and a fast-changing environment. People tend to rely on instincts in these situations as there are no past experiences where their behaviour can be based on.


The sub-project E of the S3 project conducted by the Technical University of Dresden (TUD) focused on modelling the airport terminal. The operational frameworks (emergency scenarios etc.) were thoroughly analysed through a system-analytic approach. The information requirements are formulated for secure passenger handling. The to be developed concepts for passenger handling are based on this (collective and individual guiding and orientation concepts with the highest possible autonomy). The declared goal was the development of an emergency simulator, which serves as a demonstrator of basic emergency situations. The goal was fully reached. 


The following tasks were accomplished during the project work

  • Web-based document management
  • Analysis of existing emergency concepts at selected airports
  • Definition and description of general emergency scenarios
  • Modelling of an individual-based passenger simulation
  • Modelling of the implementation of emergencies in the simulation environment
  • Modelling of adaptive guiding concepts in airport terminals for the semi-automated controls of passenger flows
  • Development of a graphical user interface and visualization of the simulation results


Other Programme
Aeronautics Research 3
Funding Source
Ministry of Economics and Technology (now Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


Concerning the objective to organize the management of emergencies in public buildings and especially airport terminals in a secure and efficient way through simulations, comprehensive insights were gained in the framework of scientific research. These were presented at national and international fairs and made available to the public.

Findings of the study are published in detail by a final report (German only) which is available online via


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EU Contribution


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