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Surveillance of Unattended Baggage and the Identification and Tracking of the Owner

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The SUBITO programme has been developed to address Theme 10 - Security, specifically Topic SEC-2007-2.3-01 Detection of Unattended Goods and of Owner. It will focus on the automated real time detection of abandoned luggage or goods and the fast identification of the individual who left them and their subsequent path.

The key design drivers will include an assessment of the situations faced in such scenarios, and the existing security equipment available that will support the automatic operation of such functionality. Automated processing will be developed to address the requirements, ultimately integrated to form part of a customer demonstration.

To achieve the above, the SUBITO programme brings together;

  • Key technical expertise in state-of-the-art processing and detection and tracking algorithms
  • Industry leaders sensor data processing, sensor design and sensor systems integration
  • A consortium of End Users providing real knowledge of the threat and practical experience of the various operating environments.


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European Commission
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Putting an end to lost baggage

New surveillance systems can help boost security measures by matching unattended baggage quickly and easily.
With issues like terrorism and theft an unfortunate reality in airports, ports and train stations, it is crucial to implement intelligent security systems that monitor baggage. The EU-funded project SUBITO (Surveillance of unattended baggage and the identification and tracking of the owner) developed automated real-time technology to follow baggage efficiently.

The technology is able to quickly detect abandoned baggage, identify the owner, and determine the owner's location or route. The project team worked with end users to build the system, considering privacy issues as well. It developed software algorithms to detect moving objects using facial recognition, multi-view detection, pan-tilt-zoom cameras and other advanced concepts. The new system tracks 3D objects with a multi-view tracker and is capable of recognising and classifying both people and baggage.

Many supporting studies have shown that several benefits can be gained from using enhanced closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology combined with different sensors and distributed processing software. In other words, SUBITO expects to revolutionise intelligent CCTV systems when it comes to detecting unidentified baggage and tracking its owner efficiently. The novel technology can also be integrated into existing CCTV systems, making it more readily available.

The project succeeded in opening more doors in advancing complementary disciplines such as facial recognition, image segmentation and analysis, behavioural analysis and people tracking. This is set to contribute to the European information technology industry and competitiveness in the field. The end result should be safer and more secure mass transit hubs, particularly airports, taking security in Europe to the next level.


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Leonardo Mw Ltd
Christopher Martin Road, Sigma House, Basildon, SS14 3EL, United Kingdom
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Safety systems
Systems for urban transport security
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