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Sustainable Goods Supply and Transport in Agglomerations (Conurbations) (ASTRA2009/008)

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Background & Policy context

Based on the results of the NFP54 project Sustainable goods supply and transport in conurbations and related European projects guidelines for freight planning in conurbations will be developed. Therefore some key topics have to be deepened and existing results have to be prepared. The planning guideline should contribute to a better consideration of freight transport in transport and spatial planning.


Based on the results of the project Sustainable goods supply and transport in conurbations a planning guideline for urban freight transport will be carried out and published. These planning guidelines have the following targets:

  • Rising awareness for freight issues in conurbations.
  • Dissemination of findings and results of the basis project.
  • Guideline for sustainable urban freight planning (principles, processes, methods and instruments).
  • Good Practice examples.

Target audience for the planning guidelines are:

  • Authorities on national level (ARE, ASTRA, BAV, BFS);
  • Cantons and communities;
  • Shippers;
  • Logistics and transport service providers;
  • Universities;
  • Consultancies.

The Planning handbook replaces the originally planned yellow UVEK/ASTRA report.


Work Package 1: Verification of  requirements for the manual

-  Verify target audience

-  Content / themes

-  Structure / shape / design of manual

-  Set definite scope / content

Work Package 2: Consolidation of key issues for the manual

-  Organizational involvement in freight management / specification

-  Particular procedures / processes of freight planning

-  Site planning for companies

-  Instruments / tools for freight transport planning

-  Supplementing and strengthening good practice cases

-  Checklist for freight transport planning

Work Package 3: preparation of texts and pictures for the manual

-  Creating drafts

-  Creating graphics

-  Collection and processing  of photographs

-  Revision / adjustment of draft

Work Package 4: meeting with the support group

-  Preparation, participation and follow-up of 3 meetings with the accompanying support group


Parent Programmes
Institution Type
Public institution
Institution Name
Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)


Planning manual has been prepared with the following topics:

-  Problems, importance and challenges of urban freight transport

-  Integration of freight transport planning in the transport and land use planning

-  Influence and role of different actors

-  Organizational integration of freight transport planning in the management

-  Flows/processes in the field of freight planning

-  Site planning for companies

-  Available data and analysis

-  Instruments / tools for freight transport planning (models, simulation tools, etc.)

-  Scale of measures

-  Evaluation framework / objectives / indicators for sustainable supply of goods

-  Good Practice (which are interesting for Swiss conurbations)

-  Procedures in the field of creation of Action Plan

-  Project documents, documents (Internet, etc.)

-  Checklists for planning

-  Bibliography (further literature for planning)

Policy implications

Planning manual is a supporting tool for local and regional planning in conurbations.


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