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Sustainable MARketdriven Terminal Solutions for Efficient freight Transport

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Background & Policy context

A substantial part of the total emissions generated by the transport sector comes from the transport of goods, both on long distances and within cities, as well as congestion problems on the transport routes. Up to 20% of traffic, 30% of street occupation and 50% of greenhouse-gas emissions are generated by freight.

To reach the overall goal of a more energy-efficient and sustainable urban freight transport, SMARTSET provides examples of good practice that can support cities, regions and countries to contribute to the European Union '20-20-20' targets for reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and improvement in energy-efficiency.


SMARTSET aims to achieve:

  • Reduction of 9,063 tonnes CO2 emissions per year;
  • Reduction of 36 GWh energy consumption per year;
  • Reduction of 3,096 tonnes energy consumption per year;
  • Reduction of 50% vehicle kilometers generated from distribution;
  • 5 terminals operating on market based conditions;
  • 8 business models for terminal schemes and
  • 3 business models to be set up after the project period.

The SMARTSET project develops and shows how freight transport in European cities and regions can be made more energy-efficient and sustainable by a better use of freight terminals and is structured around three core aspects:

  1. Cooperative business models to create new solutions for urban freight transport.
  2. Regulations and incentives to alter transport demand in favour of terminals.
  3. Energy efficient vehicles to reduce energy consumption of both long distance transports and urban distribution.


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