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Sustainable traffic development in Kaliningrad City, Russia

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Background & Policy context

Since the start of the transition of the eastern European countries to market economies, traffic related environmental problems have increased enormously and become a serious challenge in this area. Kaliningrad, as one of the most important links in the Baltic Sea Area for commercial activities between western Europe and Russia, is particularly affected by this development. The general aim of the present proposed project is to assist Kaliningrad City in reducing traffic related environmental impacts and to support Kaliningrad¿s development towards a sustainable city by:

  1. Elaborating and implementing an integrated urban traffic concept;
  2. Establishing the technical and environmental control of vehicles;
  3. Raising public awareness of traffic related environmental effects.

The integrated urban traffic concept for Kaliningrad City will be elaborated and implemented in 5 successive phases. In Phase 1, necessary information and data will be gathered and analysed. Based on this examinations, an integrated urban traffic concept will be elaborated (phase 2). In phase 3, the implementation will be prepared including a financing concept and the definition of priority measures. After evaluation and adoption of the concept by the responsible authorities and legislative bodies (phase 4), the implementation of the concept will start (phase 5).

For improving the environmental and technical control of vehicles in Kaliningrad, both investment for the necessary technical infrastructure and the development of human resources are required. The training of experts according to western technical, operational and quality standards, which is necessary in order to start the operation of the inspection station, will take place within this project. Raising of public awareness on the impact of traffic on environment and health is the basis for initiating changes of the attitude towards the individual use of vehicles, as well as a change of consumer behaviour, and promoting more sustainable ways of transport. In order to raise public awareness, an information campaign including various events and actions about traffic related pollution, the impact of pollutants on the environment and health, and about sustainable ways of transport, will be organised. By introducing this project aiming at the reduction of traffic related environmental problems at city-level, an efficient basis will be established allowing improved management in the long term of environment related traffic problems in Kaliningrad City. In addition, this project provides a high synergy effect with the ongoing activities under the TACIS programme at regional level so that a sustainable and economically sound development of the area can be reached. Widespread impact of this project will be ensured by providing reports, promotional, educational and informative materials as well as press conferences, articles in newspapers, radio and television broadcasting. The project will be coordinated by ECAT Kaliningrad.


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