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Sustainable Traffic Development in Tirana

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Background & Policy context

Traffic volumes have increased significantly in Albania since the early 1990s. This has caused environmental challenges concerning traffic congestion and air pollution, especially in Tirana.


The project’s main objectives focused on improving understanding about traffic-related air pollution factors in Tirana and identifying appropriate measures for tackling such pollution. These goals were to be achieved by a systematic approach which involved:

  • developing a strategy for monitoring air pollution;
  • evaluating the real extent of air pollution in Tirana;
  • defining air pollution hot spots in Tirana;
  • and integrating these findings within regional planning and traffic management systems using capacity building approaches.


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The project successfully produced an ‘Integrated Strategy for a Sustainable Traffic Development in Tirana’ and a ‘Tirana Air Quality Report’. These project outputs provided the Albanian authorities with the necessary tools and capacity to better tackle traffic congestion and associated air pollution.

Preparation of the strategy and report involved monitoring traffic flows and assessing these against pollution data gained from an NO2 diffusion tube survey. Findings from the analysis validated a model depicting the relationship between traffic flows and NO2 concentrations in Tirana. This allowed an effective mechanism for identifying problematic pollution hot spots and targeting them with remedial measures. Training was provided to local stakeholders in these integrated pollution control methods.

Local stakeholders were also actively involved throughout the strategy development process and such capacity building approaches helped to ensure ownership of the strategy by the key implementing bodies, such as Tirana Municipality. The Municipality has now adopted the strategy within its Transport Master Plan and Urban Regulatory Plan.

The project’s ‘Action Plan to reduce Air Pollution in Tirana’, involved a considerable amount of consultation to define responsibilities for both monitoring air quality and providing data.

Sustainability of the LIFE project outcomes has been assisted by synergies available from a national project (financed through DG Enlargement) supporting Albanian efforts to monitor air and water quality in Tirana and other cities around the country. Actions within this national project include establishing monitoring stations that will provide ongoing air quality data to help the Tirana authorities to measure, and steer, the effectiveness of their LIFE-funded management tools for reducing traffic-related air pollution.


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