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SVI 2011/004 - Control technology implementation for the prioritization of selected traffic flows and traffic modes in road networks

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SVI 2011/004
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Network and traffic management systems (NTM)
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Transport policies
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Passenger transport


Background & Policy context

Starting point: In the increasingly urbanised built environment, the traffic infrastructure is populated by a variety of users. The requirements of these users result in competing interests. As the traffic demand increases, the infrastructure reaches the limits of its load capacity at peak times. The agglomeration programmes demand traffic management as a means of solving traffic problems. The traffic light control system allows targeted prioritisation of traffic flows. The efficiency objective is to maximise multimodal capacity.
Problem: The complex traffic planning specifications for the control strategy and system are generally formulated in abstract terms and cannot be implemented directly by the traffic engineer.
Solution: The research is positioned at the interface between traffic planner and traffic engineer. The traffic planner works out the prioritisation settings for the traffic engineer from the overall objectives and the local requirements. The parameters for the prioritisation settings and the methodology to obtain them are developed using analysis studies. The project participants are questioned on the settings and the completed process in interviews and consultations. The prioritisation methodology is tested on an actual project.
Benefit: The result of the research is a methodology by which the project participants can deduce, formulate and document the prioritisation settings for the traffic light control system. For practical use, a fact sheet is issued which describes the parameters required and the process for developing them.


The research aims to develop a methodology by which the project participants can deduce, formulate and document prioritisation settings for the traffic light control system. The methodology will be used for junctions in the context of road category and network coverage.


The methodology covers the overall objectives defined at an earlier stage and the local requirements of the traffic infrastructure. In the context of increasing urbanisation, the efficiency target of maximizing multimodal capacity has great importance in relation to use of the methodology.
For practical use, a fact sheet available as a revised draft at the end of the research work documents the parameters required to work out the prioritisation settings and the prioritisation methodology.


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Association of Transportation Engineers
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