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Swiss Requirements for the Exchange of Traffic Information in Europe (VSS2003/902)

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The Swiss requirements for the exchange of traffic information on the national and international level will be analysed in particular with respect to the specificities of the heavy goods vehicle management and multimodal traffic information and intermodal transport chains for person and goods transport. A national concept for the international traffic data exchange will be established. The specific requirements will be an input to the European and international standardization bodies CEN TC 278 und ISO 204.


The work will be done in following steps:

  • Formation of a Swiss expert group, whose representatives have experience and contacts in the international exchange of traffic information;
  • Determining a permanent representative in the European expert group; Clarify the Swiss needs in the Swiss stakeholders and potential users;
  • Concept development and discussion of the Swiss input into the European group, as well as examination of the interim results from the European group in the Swiss Expert Group.


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Findings of the project

Organisational measures

On the one hand traffic information can support measures taken to manipulate road traffic. On the other hand it can take the same effect itself as those measures do, as it manipulates the behaviour of road users. In the international sphere it is therefore important, that national traffic information has no unplanned impacts on the traffic within the territory of a sovereign neighbouring country. This is why the main emphasis is put on the organisational side of cross-border traffic. The determination of the events to master, of corporate measures and of accompanying information claims top priority.

Exchange of traffic information and traffic accounts

Information used for measures to manipulate traffic are only accepted by sovereign and recognised authorities. An exchange of primary data is not of top relevance. On the contrary the exchange of information resp. messages on the basis of defined quality standards with higher priority is aimed.

Differentiated requirements of information

Different end users increasingly require specific cross-border traffic information. It can be differentiated between the demands of individual traffic and heavy freight traffic. At the same time the radio stations have no interest to dispose more broadcasting time for traffic information as they do currently.

Perimeters of consideration

With regard to the perimeter considered in traffic information, the individual travel corridor is of paramount interest to the end user of the information, namely with regard to accounts or events that  are still valid at the moment of reaching the point in question, and which also applies to cross-border traffic. The project proposes on that basis the following classification of cross-border accounts:

  • One for accounts of the highest importance which could still be relevant beyond 500 km
  • One for accounts of high importance which could still be relevant for between 50 km and 500 km 
  • Below 50 km, the entire set of accounts will generally be relevant. 


The research centrum recommends to the official Swiss authorities to use the results produced by the present project as a basis for reaching agreements with neighbouring countries. Focus at the current stage should be on agreements regarding contents and organisation. Wherever possible, Traffic Management Plans (TMP) should be fixed with the neighbouring c


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