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Swiss Transalpine Freight transport observatory (2005)

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04058 (AQGV 2005)
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Background & Policy context

An annual survey of trans-Alpine freight traffic has been conducted since the Gotthard road tunnel opened in 1980. These surveys keep transport policy-makers supplied with the information they need about the status and development of road and rail freight traffic in the Alpine region. A more detailed survey – the principal survey – is carried out every five years.

The heavy goods vehicles were counted annually during 15 days at the Swiss Alpine crossings. These counts  together with resuls of the machine counting and evaluations of HVF data are a basis for the annual number of vehicles. Based on the measurement results of the dynamic axle load scales of the Gotthard and San Bernaardino, it is also possible to derivate tendencies in the average utilisation of heavy good vehicles. The output are annual data about the number of vehicles and the quantities of transported goods.


The aim of the project is to conduct an annual survey of trans-Alpine freight traffic.

Year 2005 was an intermediate year, i.e. the annual survey of trans-Alpine freight traffic has been carried out in a simplified version. However the August floodings caused the closing of the St. Gotthard tunnel and split the freight traffic among the 4 alpine crossings. Nevertheless it has influenced the global traffic only slightly.


Counting of vehicles during 15 days still provides an important basis for the continuation of the main survey in the field of trans-Alpine freight traffic. For the calculation of the average loading weights 2005 WIM data from ASTRA are acquired and evaluated. 

At various Alpine crossings the classifying equipments are installed, which distinguish the cars for 10 classes (Swiss 10). There is a correspondence between the projected results of the manual counting (with distinction after enrollment) and the data automatically collected (without distinction)


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Public (national/regional/local)


A basis for survey in the field of trans-Alpine freight traffic.

Innovation aspects

Combination of manual counting and the data collected automatically .

Policy implications

A base for decision making in the field of trans-Alpine freight transport

Strategy targets

A base for decision making leading to decrease of  trans-Alpine freight transport .


The surveys vere already conducted.


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EU Contribution


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